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If you want different results youve got to think differently.

When you think differently you take inspired action.

When you take inspired action you get meaningful results that last.


My gift to you lies in my story, my unique life experiences have forged a tough mental steel and given me incredible insights into the workings of the most powerful thing in the universe, the human mind.

On my journey to get to this point in life, I have been hired and have been fired, unemployed, self-employed, employed, I have been an apprentice, a manager, a trainer a mentor/consultant, and a therapist and Mental game coach. 


I just like everyone else have experienced fears and anxieties, highs and lows, self-doubt and low self-esteem. My strength in character is garnered as a result of all this valuable life experience.


I grew up in the troubled past of Northern Ireland during the seventies and eighties.

During that time I was exposed to extreme polarities of mental toughness, it was "normal life" to the kids then.


A person cannot help but learn about human behavior and in particular their character in an environment like that, no matter the level of exposure one cannot help but be affected psychologically.


I have the life experience and leadership qualities to take you from being stuck in a losing pattern to be able to finally break through to reach the next level and perform at a higher level personally and professionally.


As a highly trained therapist, coach, hypnotherapist/mentor/trainer who can work with both the conscious/subconscious and unconscious minds, I have put together a formidable program to stop you from feeling like a failure and break the belief that you're not good enough. Take your confidence and self-belief to the next level.

To your success, Robert.

Robert Anderson Coaching offers cutting-edge techniques rooted in neuroscience and psychology to empower athletes. If you’re an athlete struggling with anxiety, stress, fear, or pain, Robert can help you break free from these shackles and achieve peak performance. 

By rewiring your mindset and instilling empowering beliefs, he equips you with the tools to excel in your sport and beyond.

Robert’s approach combines mental game coaching with Sports Hypnosis, providing a revolutionary solution for competitive tennis players. Here are some key aspects of his program:

  1. Anxiety Relief Advantage: A groundbreaking mental game program that combines high-performance secrets with powerful hypnotic advantages. It helps athletes overcome anxiety, fear, and pressure, transforming them into fearless and confident competitors in a matter of weeks.

  2. Precision Paralysis: Anxiety can lead to second-guessing and hesitant decision-making during matches.

  3. Stiffness Stumbles: Tension triggered by anxiety affects agility, speed, and coordination.

  4. Focus Fumbles: Anxiety hijacks attention, diverting focus from the game.

  5. Confidence Cracks: Negative self-talk erodes belief and confidence.

  6. Risk Avoidance: Anxiety makes players overly cautious, preventing them from seizing control of the match.

Imagine striding onto the court with unshakable confidence, nerves of steel, and the unwavering belief that you are unstoppable. That’s the reality Robert’s Anxiety Relief Advantage Program can unlock for ambitious tennis players like you.

Additionally, Robert’s expertise extends beyond tennis. As a highly trained therapist, coach, hypnotherapist, and mentor, he can help you overcome feelings of failure and boost your confidence. Take inspired action and achieve lasting results with Robert Anderson’s transformative mental performance coaching.

Robert Anderson high performance coach

"you cannot fix a subconscious problem with a conscious solution"

Robert Anderson

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